It is the Knowledge derived from Information that gives you a Competitive Edge!

User Centered Design.

We focus on delivering solutions, and the technology is there to empower you, but must be accessible for all, thanks to our friendly interfaces!

Advanced Forecasting.

AIR.PM is the only platform running 6 forecasting models simultaneously and integrating industry data from aircraft manufacturers and international bodies.

Global Approach.

Whether you need to optimize your fleet and reorganize your network, our focus is to deliver a global problem-solving approach to consider all facets of your competitive response.

Programming by Optimization.

It offers flexibility to adjust and adapt to the myriad decision variables and changing goals, constraints, and complexities of your competitive environment.

Clear Box System.

No black box results with AIR.PM, you can control and adjust assumptions and inputs. Because the best system works even better with your experience!

Platform of Solutions.

Our platform is designed to be modular, allowing portability and interoperability. Your benefits? Efficient and rapid development, easy to integrate with you IT.

Predictive Mobility’s approach is based on Research-Design-Data Triangulation

Triangulation is about deepening and widening your understanding of the market forces. It leads to multi-perspectives that explain more fully, the richness and complexity of a market pattern by studying it from more than just one standpoint.

Fresh Perspective

It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see. We are bringing and being recognized for our innovation. Because we are challenging ourselves to provide you with something better than just a revenue management or network planning system. The aviation environment changed a lot, we help you order something different from the menu!

We question the status quo, the “as-is”, examine scenarios that would normally seem unlikely or even absurd, because they are quite insightful.


We seek feedback, continuously. By definition, you will look at things from your unique perspective. And that may be just the perspective we need!


Innovation is often the act of taking something that worked over there and using it over here. We look outside of the aviation for new ideas.