AIR.PM DYNAMIC Intelligent Revenue Optimizer to Achieve Total Revenue!

Airlines are becoming world-class retailers driving a revenue management paradigm shift. AIR.PM Dynamic provide you with a 360-degree approach to forecasting, analyzing and optimizing all revenue streams to help your airline maximize its revenues and boost its profitability!

Flexibility and Intelligence!

The story
Airlines have to adapt, evolve, and strategically sense and respond to rapidly changing market conditions and external market disruptions such as crisis or pandemics. Revenue-management systems are used to determine the optimal availability and price of a seat at any given point in time. The information required to make this decision depends on a number of factors, not all of which have traditionally been available. AIR.PM Dynamic breaks down traditional departmental, data, systems and process silos that are still prevalent today at most airlines to provide you with a holistic 360-degree approach to forecasting, analyzing and optimizing all revenue streams to help your airline maximize its revenues and boost its profitability. Fed with real time price information from you and your competitors, you will have an accurate picture of the market dynamics at any point in the day and will optimize total revenue beyond seats to include ancillaries and partnerships!

AIR.PM Dynamic: Get Smart, Agile and Efficient to Cash In!

Price Benchmarking.

Stay on pace with persistent fluctuation of your competitors’ fare. From validating your pricing strategy and your promotions, to enter a new market with appropriate fares, our AIR.Price module helps you to be always relevant in the marketplace!

Analyze – Act – Plan!

Benefit from our other sources of data to compare current prices with passenger revenue, market seasonality, load factor and yield targets, and assess the competitiveness of your market rivals. This is the power of data analytics!

Total Revenue.

Our solution optimizes your Total Revenue, because when online retail is the new normal, a global perspective is important to expand your world and reach new high! Our solution uses our advances market and customer segmentations algorithms to provide you with the optimal price at any point of your booked load factor curve!

Price is what we compute. Value is what you get!

Thanks to our Big Data platform, recognized in 2014 and 2020 during international competitions, having an aggressive and competitive pricing policy, despite all disruption and market challenges, has never been that easy, adaptative, and reliable to provide you with realistic pricing and revenue management tactics and strategy. International airlines, low cost, regional, and network carriers are trusting us daily to be ahead of the market and achieve Total Revenue now!