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Data Driven decision process!

“What gets measured, gets managed”. Data driven decision making ties your network strategy, route development and pricing tactics to analytics insights helping you to make better and more confident decisions for your airline .

Advanced Forecasting

Estimating the potential of a new destination is key for your airline to capture new market opportunities. Based on a proven methodology, praised, and refined by our customers, our New Route Simulator is the reference of the industry!

Data is logical and concrete in a way that gut instinct and intuition simply aren’t. It serves to benchmark what your competitors are doing, which allows you to better understand the impact of scheduling, fleet, route network and pricing decision you make.


The data tells a story, which you and your organization must then react to. But AIR.PM allows you to leverage it in a proactive way by identifying business opportunities before other airlines do, or by detecting market threats before they grow too serious.


Our costs model allows you to plan for your budget and track any deviation to your budget by cost item. But also, better decision making translate in lower risks: launching a new route, better pricing tactics, enhanced connections on main OD flows, etc.


Air traffic, ticketing revenue, scheduled capacity, but also 30 macroeconomic indicators, immigration and emigration, world tourism and aircraft manufacturers information, and many other: we have the largest coverage of commercial travel and aviation data!


Maximizing our data quality throughput requires extensive Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, along with accessing multiple data sources, and validation by our customers and airline associations partnerships.


Our data validation process takes every month about three weeks since we are incorporating up to 300 different data sources, a number increasing every year, with a quality control performed by our dedicated team.


Our multiple sources of information allow cross referencing and triangulation of our data collection, processing, and computation, assisted by powerful machine- learning and AI algorithms, improved month after month.


Clean, well-organized data drives smart decisions and makes for a better analysis of your competitors’ network, pricing and market share, an enhanced optimization of your fleet and network, to drive your profitability up!


Predictive Mobility is the only provider in the aviation and travel industry having been recognized in 2020 in the Top 10 of Big Data company worldwide, a recognition of the breadth and depth of our aviation and travel data.

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