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Our solution AIR.PM is designed to coordinate and optimize your fleet planning, network development, operational costs, and enhance your profitability, delivering tangible performance and concrete results.

“Our technological platform allows us to integrate more than 300 different sources of market information, making it the largest database designed and available for the travel industry”

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Why choose us?

The Future of Aviation.

Airlines are evolving now in an environment more complex than before, moving from economic cycles to a continuum of disruptions, overfiscalization justified by environmental reasons, and a permanent technology revolution. AIR.PM has been designed to manage and consider such complexity, with de-siloization of the information, collaborative decision making and advanced algorithms.

Our Approach.

Clients often tell us that our approach to work is unique and sets us apart from others but to us it is second nature. We endorse a very close collaborative working relationship with our clients and look for client input at every stage of the design and development processes. Our focus is detailing and refining all elements of our application to ensure AIR.PM is suitable for all of our clients, regardless of their business model, challenges and opportunities.

Our Awards.

We won multiple international innovation competitions, being lister in the Top 10 Worldwide Big Data Solution Providers 2020, winning the Innovation Challenge 2030 in 2014, member of the European Union Research Center in Mobility, and active member of the Artificial Intelligence Community and the AGIFORS

Our Researches

Predictive Mobility is heavily investing in Big Intelligence (Big Data and Market Intelligence), Agile Optimization, and Forward Simulation. Our forecasting solution is the only one to integrate 6 complex models, for more reliability, we have heuristics algorithms, week of the year seasonality, dynamic aircrafts allocation, Fair market share or gravity models. Our research won multiple scientific awards and we are member of the Airline Group of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies.

Our Partners.

Predictive Mobility is partnering with international consulting companies and universities to continuously enhance and complete our portfolio of services and aiming to deliver smart solution and tangible benefits (can we put below in the page this element from

Facts and Figures.

2010 Creation of Predictive Mobility as Financial Consulting. 2013 Launch of PlanetOptim for airports’ route development. 2017 First release of AIR.PM Route, our scheduling system. 2018 AIR.PM Intelligent is launched, with worldwide aviation market data. 2019 AIR.PM System is available for route development and network optimization. 2020 AIR.PM Dynamic marks the launch of our pricing and revenue management solution.

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