AIR.PM ROUTE The Most Profitable Schedule that is also operationally feasible!

Design a route network that offers more customer choice and enjoy higher efficiencies, meet your on-time performance targets and, ultimately, improve your profitability!

Scheduling for Reliability and Profitability!

The story
With the increased focus on on-time performance, schedule reliability has become a key priority for airlines. Schedule reliability must be estimated with acceptable accuracy during the schedule development process and it must be possible to evaluate reliability alongside schedule profitability. To marry these dual objectives, AIR.PM ROUTE builds optimized simulations to estimate schedule reliability. Our models factor in block times, runway capacity, operational constraints, commercial requirements, aircraft turnaround times, maintenance, and airline schedule recovery policies. But modern scheduling relies also on various departments within your airlines working together and sharing information on sales and marketing, pricing and distributing offers to customers, to enhancing your overall network revenue. By combining the power of our 4 AIR.PM modules, we provide your airline with a huge opportunity to improve the quality of your schedule, improve its efficiencies, drive savings and meet the demand of your customers!

AIR.PM Route: Build Reliability, Flexibility, Profitability!

6 Views for 360 Control.

We are the only solution provider giving you 6 different views and perspectives to your airline schedule. Because we are airline schedulers, and we share your experience and your need for the accurate display of key information for a swift decision.

Drag and Drop with Color Coding.

Easily build and adjust your schedule from one base and your full network. Block and turn time are identified and can be shifted with a simple drag and drop, while base, peak season or high load factor flights are immediately identified by a specific color.

Multifaceted Reports.

AIR.PM ROUTE allow you to access a wealth of operational, economic and schedule change reports, available in table or graphical views. And our easy reports generator allows us to design for you the specific analysis you need, in the format you want.

My Layout.

Manage with few clicks your complete aircraft layout and market requirements. From the cabin and class of services, moveable curtain tables, or the design of your customer service on board by time of departure, we allow you to build right from the beginning a full schedule rotation with all its attributes – you will always be sure that you will never miss anything!

MCT Builder.

Whether at your airport base or at a partner airport, our Minimum Connecting Time builder allow you to specify at the flight and origin and destination level the minimum connecting time. Whether you want to build robust connections for your passenger or need to address a temporary infrastructure issue, you are always sure that your passengers will reach their final destination!

Maintenance Management.

From pre-flight and night stop checks up to D check you can easily schedule your maintenance requirements by tail number. Your requirements will be then incorporate in your schedule, and considered as a constraint to alert you of any potential schedule production issue!

Sticky and Semi-Sticky Constraints Editor.

Add any operational or commercial constraint to your schedule, and define if some of them might have some degree of flexibility before strict applicability. You can run at any time and for any schedule scenario a check to ensure all constraints are meand your schedule is clear for operation!

3 Scenarios and easy Merging.

You have always the direct access to 3 schedule scenarios. No need to import / export, you can simply navigate between different schedule scenarios, compare and merge some of you modification to your reference schedule!

Faster, Stronger, Smarter!

Thanks to our Big Data platform, recognized in 2014 and 2020 during international competitions, we empower your airlines to maximize profitability and operational feasibility. Because we move beyond the pure schedule optimization process by incorporating pattern of demand, marketing, and sales information, as well as your costs and operational requirements. Expand your World whilst maintain the quality of your schedule and its profitability!