AIR.PM SUITE Your Integrated Marketing Planning Solution !

The dynamism of the market forces requires your team to work all together and not in sequence. AIR.PM let you cooperatively manage your fleet, schedule, future network, gather market intelligence, and optimize your pricing and inventory.

Your Challenge!

Internet has reversed the market power at the benefit of the final customers. Meta Search engines are widely available and allow anyone at any time to compare multiple destinations, pricing and associated services, as well as receive fare alerts and bid for lower prices. This ultra-visibility on prices put airlines on a corner since it pushes their revenue down while at the same time the cost of operating a route is at best stable or higher. In addition, the expansion of open-sky policies worldwide favors the launch of multiple regional bases bypassing the airlines’ mega-Hubs. For example, in 2019 Ryanair in Europe was operating 2800 routes from over 250 airports and 80 aircraft bases. Finally, the evolution of the aircraft technology is stimulating new market opportunities worldwide since a single aisle aircraft can operate long haul route, allowing direct services from cities beyond air metropolis.


Agile Marketing is the Future!

Between customers acting in an unpredictable way and pressure from the competition, the marketing planning process of an airline must be agile to insert dynamism in its resource’s allocation. Large carriers can leverage on their technology and marketing power to stay ahead. Medium to small airlines need to adapt to a continuously evolving market environment in order to be profitable, otherwise they will not survive. Against any competitive threat, a system providing an integrated response, acting on capacity, price, and routes network, is the answer for managing all market disruptions!


AIR.PM: Flexible, Adaptative, Revenue Focused!

There is currently no system available in the market which are targeting the small and medium airlines (SMA) with an affordable integrated system. Solutions address a certain aspect of the problem (either scheduling, or revenue management) but do not have an integrated global commercial perspective. This is the 20 years old industry practices, while for your airline the competitive landscape and customer power has drastically changed since!


Our Vision: Total Market Response!

Bringing agility in transportation marketing planning activities to be at the forefront of the competition within a continuously evolving market environment by providing a common decision making solution from strategic to tactical and operation to all the airline commercial stakeholders. AIR.PM provides a 360° view for the management, on the competition, route network definition and pricing, with continuous interactive optimization of the aircraft allocation to meet the ever changing market demand from the air-travel customers.

Market Agility is your Future!

Small and medium airlines need to exploit their flexibility against large operators to gain market share and incremental revenue. Large airlines face structural rigidity and a silo approach, limiting their adaptability. AIR.PM brings you agility in your airline marketing planning process with a coordinated commercial response to any external threat!