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The Solution to deal with Competition between Airports!

Route development is an essential function for airports planning to attract new air services. Studying route feasibility is mostly performed using a systematic ad hoc calculation process. This process is mostly data driven, relying on estimation and forecasting methods to guide decision makers on the expected performance of routes. PlanetOptim.Future has introduced since 2014 several breakthrough innovations to streamline the methodology as well as greatly improve the accuracy of your new route’s business case. Designed in cooperation with large LCCs in Europe, Middle East and the Americas, not only our analysis is more detailed than any others but use machine learning, multicriteria airports and airlines clustering techniques, and benefits from the only travel Big Data d-base, to provide you with a bullet proof route development solution, praised by more than 40 international airports worldwide!

PlanetOptim.Future: Anticipate, React, Focus!

Airport competition is an established reality, fighting and innovating to maintain and increase their market share. Branding and active marketing to airlines are paramount of importance, supported by a continuous focus on Route Development! Why? Airlines have a wide selection of airports to choose from, and they are making full use of their freedom. Route ‘churn’ is substantial, with route openings accounting for 20% of the market, and route closing amounting to 15% of all routes in a year, as airlines chop and change routes to maximize margins. This freedom of choice matters a great deal. In fact, it is the essence of airports’ competition!

Simulator PRO+. The ultimate Route Development solution since 2014, that many tried to copy but nobody can match due to our continuous innovation and enhancements. In 10 steps, from leakage and recapture to demand stimulation, building your schedule, estimating the route revenue and costs of operation for local and connecting traffic, you can easily estimate the route profitability over the newt 3 years!

O&D and Segment Traffic and Revenue. Based on MIDT data and adjusted by incorporating more than 300 other data sources from civil aviation, airports, or web searches, access our Global Market Database with traffic, revenue, and capacity information! In addition, our partnership with OAG provide you with weekly schedule data since 2002 and up to 11 months forward.

Total Forecasting Solution. If two recognized aircraft manufacturers are using our forecasting models, it is not by chance, but rather because we provide you with 6 forecasting models running together and include industry forecasts for recognized institutions (IATA, Boeing, Airbus, etc.) – more accurate and more robust, up to 30 years in the future!

Market Opportunities Finder and Benchmarking. Our HOT, MILD, and COLD reports provide you with three different approach to benchmark your airports against your competitors and unveil potential new market opportunities!

Hub and Connection Builder. Based on elapse time, circuity, minimum and maximum connection time, you can easily compute all potential behind and beyond connections, whether they are online or self connection between two carriers. Our Hub module allows you on a 24 hour scale to look up the best time of arrival and departure, supported by our Time Finder solution that will maximize the optimal pair of slots!

Since 2014, PlanetOptim.Future is the game changer solution used by International Airports worldwide to grow their business, increase their revenue, and Expand their World!