You are the at the driving seat of our solution since your control, review, adjust any assumptions of our algorithm – you own your results!


Our solutions are enhanced regularly at no incremental cost, based on your suggestions, with more features and functions.


In 2020 we have been elected within the Top10 of Big Data providers a testimony of the quality of our database


Our leadership team has more than 20 years of experience as international consultants and airline executives.


From our database, to our infrastructure, algorithms, partnerships with prestigious universities, our focus is to bring to market innovative solutions!


We deliver a positive return on investment to you by improving the value of our solutions with new data, advanced algorithms, and new features!

Marketing planning systems for the aviation industry rely on simulation of the process and parameters, which allow the optimal commercial strategies to be determined. At least that is the theory. Once a set of inputs is entered, the results are supposedly the best possible. But you cannot challenge them because they are opaque. It is difficult to know why they are what they are and how you can validate them. With your aviation experience you can, outside of the system, adjust the outcome – but therefore what is the point of having a system if you need to redo everything manually?

At Predictive Mobility, we have a hugely different approach. We do not discount your market knowledge, and we allow you to incorporate it in our algorithms and processes. What we are using is called Explainable Artificial Intelligence or XAI. What is it? It makes the internal logic and output of our algorithms transparent and interpretable, rendering these processes understandable and meaningful for all of our users. Our focus is concentrating towards the transparency and explanability of these models, because with the black box approach of our competitors, the results are hard to interpret!

Our focus is also on the implementation of a Continuous Improvement Program. As the market you are competing is continuously evolving, our solutions should adapt to meet your demand for new analysis, enhanced processes, and new requirements. For our team, any idea is a good idea, and we always welcome our customers suggestions and recommendations. Because we are not just a system provider, but your partner. Having worked within the airline industry for more than 20 years, we have a wealth of experience you can tap on, but also lots of interest in solving your business issues. Since the initial release of the system in April 2017, we have maintained an average of one major release every other month, followed by a minor functional or technical improvement.

These constant enhancements of our application come at no incremental cost to you! Why? Because in our modern era, we know and acknowledge that any application has to deliver an improved return on investment (ROI) during its lifetime. We know and acknowledge that continuous enhancement is the new norm. We view and want to build our relationship with you based on trust, gained over time, day by day, and with the objective to be your partner of choice on the long term.

Finally, our focus has always been on bringing tomorrow innovation on your today’s work, with always a true focus on usability. The complexity is behind, while our interfaces are designed to be self-explanatory, without having to refer to a huge system documentation to use it. Like a car, besides all the extra technology your might have, you just need to know how to drive it, benefiting from its electronic to help you against a challenging situation. This is our approach, across our platform and our solutions!

Integrated Platform – AIR.PM is an integrated Agile Marketing Planning platform, including modules in Market Intelligence, Scheduling, Network Planning, Fleet Optimization, Budgeting, Fare Benchmarking, Seasonality and Dynamic Pricing. Their integration allows you to address any opportunity and threat on your market, as well as to unveil profitable new routes to operate!

Big Intelligence – Predictive Mobility has been recognized in 2020 as one of the Top 10 Big Data providers worldwide, and the only one for the travel industry! The quality of our platform allows us to deliver Big Intelligence: big data at the service of your market intelligence, for more accuracy and agility in your marketing planning decisions!

Advanced Modelling – From our forecasting module being the only commercial solution running in parallel 7 different models, to our spill and recapture models, connection builder, or market stimulation curves, AIR.PM contains more advanced modelling capabilities than any other solution in the market, with the benefit of our user friendly interface.

International Institutions Partnerships – Predictive Mobility is part of the European Union’s Research and Innovation center of excellence (id 923248717) for all advanced researches in mobility, we have been elected to join the Airline Group of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies (AGIFORS), and have partnerships with L’Ecole Polytechnique de Paris and Politecnico di Torino.