Multiple market forces are interacting within your competitive environment driving the complexity of the marketing planning process


The aviation industry moved away from regular cycles to a continuum of disruptions such as pandemic, political and social upheaval, security, etc.


Globalization and interconnection of the market will continue, supported by the evolution of the technology for all.


The destination is not the objective of travel anymore, but it is the experience offered by the journey is the true value of travel.


Environmental concerns are there to last and the objective is to integrate a multi-modal approach to complement the air offer!


It allows our systems to digest and learn from almost infinite data sources, interpret, and optimize your profit.

Our objective

at Predictive Mobility is to ensure that your airline can anticipate the opportunities and the challenges of the aviation and travel industries. From geopolitics to technological innovation, demographic shifts to environmental concerns, the winds of change buffeting the airline industry can come from many directions. Understanding the potential landscape in which your carrier finds itself is therefore critical to ensuring that your company can grow sustainably in the future and maximize its full revenue potential.

We believe

that the various drivers of change impacting the marketing planning activities can be grouped in six different elements. First the complexity of the commercial decision is increasing. New modes of consumption of the travel journey, the technological evolution of the aircraft allowing ultra-long haul flying and single aisle long haul services, the continuous urbanization and global aging increase the demand for a more diversified portfolio of destinations, with more personalized experiences.


are also becoming the standard with the volatility of the global economy, infectious diseases and pandemics, geopolitical instability, terrorism and security threats imply a more flexible approach to scheduling and network planning, moving towards a continuous network optimization process, and a high focus on prices to keep volume and market share. Global open sky will multiply the competition, pushing forward a lower yield and the dual search of volume markets and niche destinations with limited or no competition driving a higher profit margin.

The journey

will translate with increased demands for authenticity and personalized experiences, sustainable consumption, and a variety of attributes to the journey. The city itself becomes less important against the travel experience, which can occur within multiple and similar type of destinations. This leads to a focus on destination portfolio management within the design of the network and a cross pricing strategy to optimize the revenue by segment of clientele. Depetrolization, driven by environmental activism will require to step up new solutions, incorporating other mode of transport considered as more efficient from an environmental perspective. Finally, artificial intelligence supported by big data will become the new normal to compute and model the new global optimization of your marketing planning strategy and tactics, allowing to interactively manage schedule, price, capacity, connecting traffic, and any other commercial decisions all together.

Integrated Platform

– AIR.PM is an integrated Agile Marketing Planning platform, including modules in Market Intelligence, Scheduling, Network Planning, Fleet Optimization, Budgeting, Fare Benchmarking, Seasonality and Dynamic Pricing. Their integration allows you to address any opportunity and threat on your market, as well as to unveil profitable new routes to operate!

Big Intelligence

– Predictive Mobility has been recognized in 2020 as one of the Top 10 Big Data providers worldwide, and the only one for the travel industry! The quality of our platform allows us to deliver Big Intelligence: big data at the service of your market intelligence, for more accuracy and agility in your marketing planning decisions!

Advanced Modelling

– From our forecasting module being the only commercial solution running in parallel 7 different models, to our spill and recapture models, connection builder, or market stimulation curves, AIR.PM contains more advanced modelling capabilities than any other solution in the market, with the benefit of our user friendly interface.

International Institutions Partnerships

– Predictive Mobility is part of the European Union’s Research and Innovation center of excellence (id 923248717) for all advanced researches in mobility, we have been elected to join the Airline Group of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies (AGIFORS), and have partnerships with L’Ecole Polytechnique de Paris and Politecnico di Torino.