AIR.PM SYSTEM Design you Plan for the Future Put them into Action Now!

Agile network planning is your solution for network design effectiveness, from planning to managing massive disruptions, improving your efficiency, competitiveness, and responsiveness to your travel demand!

Adapt to Constant Changes!

The story

Fierce competition, market shifts, pandemics, and new technologies are disruptors to the travel industry but at the same time the new reality. Network planning which typically occurred about 4 times a year will now be done at least 10 to 14 times a year. What is more, the time between developing and implementing the plan may be only a week or two—and will have to be accomplished despite the displacement of aircraft and staff. Designing this process, and leveraging technology to make the right tradeoffs, is your major challenge as an airlines that need to be addressed as soon as possible! AIR.PM System has been designed for this purpose right from the beginning, which explain its success with major low cost carriers in Europe, Asia, Middle East and the Americas. Because LCCs success is their hyper reactivity to changes, and AIR.PM is their daily partner!

AIR.PM System: Powered by AI, Fueled by your Experience!

Clear Box Concept.

With AIR.PM System you are at the Driver Seat of your new route analysis and network optimization. You control, verify, amend at each step the assumptions used by the system to deliver your network plan, you are not hostage of a black box system that provides erratic numbers nobody understands.

AI is your Calibration tool!

Performance is all about efficiency. Forget the supposedly scientific calibrations, taking long time and many resources while delivering poor results. Artificial Intelligence is at the core of our application, with auto-learning and calibration as the system is used!

Route Development.

Our comprehensive 16 steps process, complimented by our airlines peers at the AGIFORS, provides you with industry best practices for new route analysis, delivering a comprehensive business case with a full profit and loss analysis for the first three years of operations.

Demand Stimulation to New High.

Estimating accurately the coefficient of demand stimulation when your new market is launched is a challenge. We use route benchmarking using 8 different market segmentation criteria per airport and applied to your specific airline business model. Big Data turned in production mode!

Connection Builder.

Whether at your airport base or at a partner airport, our connection builder designs robust connections for your passenger while ensure that you key traffic flows are competitive against other airlines. This is complemented by our multi-tiered Fare Market Share model!

Network Optimizer.

Define your strategic guidelines, and our network optimizer will deliver a robust solution for you, maximizing not only the profitability of your network but also the reliability of your production schedule, a key benefit of our AIR.PM Platform – no silos between functions but a continuum across your schedule development, network optimization, and dynamic pricing!
Budget Planner. AIR.PM integration allows you to prepare your next year budget in few clicks, including your cost and revenue assumptions, direct, indirect and overhead costing, and monthly traffic and yield per market and at the network level!

Expand to a Profitable World!

Thanks to our Big Data platform, recognized in 2014 and 2020 during international competitions, developing your network, despite all disruption and market challenges, has never been that easy, adaptative, and reliable to provide you with realistic network development solutions. Aircraft manufacturers, low cost, regional, and network carriers are trusting us daily to deliver their plan for the future, and put them into action now!