AIR.PM INTELLIGENT Invent tomorrow by understanding what happened yesterday !

There are no secrets to success. Know your markets, collect competitor intelligence, contain your costs, it is the way towards profitability!

Aviation Industry is More Competitive than Ever!

The story
Growth, change, and competition are realities no airline can afford to ignore. Sustainable marketing strategies and commercial tactics that help your network grow while reducing cost, and managing your revenue, are just as essential as having the agility and creativity to respond to a rapidly changing environment. Of course, there’s data, and there’s market research, but there is also market analysis, competitive intelligence, product intelligence and, most importantly, the expertise to combine these elements in an expert synthesis that generates insight and recommendation rooted in cast-iron fact. AIR.PM Intelligent give you access to the largest travel and aviation data available worldwide, making us the only Big Data provider of the industry, rewarded in 2014 and 2020!

AIR.PM Intelligent: Anticipate, React, Focus!

Market Seasonality Model.

Seasonality is a determinative feature which affects your market demand industry. Our solution allows you, by week of the year, using yield, load factor, and special event information, to have all insightful tips and assign by market a specific season in the future!

Total Forecasting Solution.

If two recognized aircraft manufacturers are using our forecasting models, it is not by chance, but rather because we provide you with 6 forecasting models running together and include industry forecasts for recognized institutions (IATA, Boeing, Airbus, etc.) – more accurate and more robust, up to 30 years in the future!

O&D and Segment Traffic and Revenue.

Based on MIDT data and adjusted by incorporating more than 300 other data sources from civil aviation, airports, or web searches, access our Global Market Database with traffic, revenue, and capacity information!

Market Opportunities Finder.

We help you identify new international market opportunities using more than 10 key market indicators. Select on our interactive map the region you want to cover, and our solution will prioritize the best destination to serve, based on factual data!

Macro-Economic Indicators.

We are the only marketing planning application giving you an unlimited access to more than 30 macroeconomic indicators, in the past but also with their expected evolution, thanks to our agreement with one of the top 3 major financial advisory firm!

Connection Builder.

Based on elapse time, circuity, minimum and maximum connection time, you can easily compute all potential partnership with a third-party airline, monitor your competitor competitiveness, and compute your market share!

Cost Manager.

Finely manage you fixed and variable costs, at the company and airport levels, using our 120 specific costs items that will cover all your requirements to prepare for your budgeting exercise accurately, for one or more route and your whole network.

Global Impact.

As an airline, you will negotiate with airports to benefit from their marketing support. But how much do they really get, and why could you ask for a higher budget? We provide you with an integrated module estimating the impact of launching a new route for airports, tourism boards, and overall, the territory you will serve!

Innovation, Delivered!

Thanks to our Big Data platform, recognized in 2014 and 2020 during international competitions, accessing a wealth of information has never been any easy, with billions of market data from 2002, and advance modeling, AI and machine learning for always more accurate information. AIR.PM Intelligent delivers Big Intelligence, all day, every day!