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Our New Route Simulator has been designed to meet the demand of Low Cost airlines to estimate market potential without historical demand and is continuously enhanced to deliver accurate route analysis, detailed P&L, and ultimately Expand your World, profitably!

Route Simulator

Estimating the potential of a new destination is key for your airline to capture new market opportunities. Based on a proven methodology, praised, and refined by our customers, our New Route Simulator is the reference of the industry!

Our Route Simulator helps you to evaluate multiple competitive scenarios and various assumptions to carefully estimate the route potential and its expected profitability, and easily compare them.


The use of advanced technology and proven methodology does not exclude human interactions and you are at the driving seat of the route analysis, incorporating your market experience to it


Intelligent technology is made available to widely improve the accuracy of your analysis, from data processing to forecasting, from estimating your market share to define the competitive price, and in many other aspects.


Our advanced analytics allow us to estimate the leakage from nearby airports of origin and destination, and what demand could you recapture when launching your new route from your competitors!


Each airport is categorized using 8 market segmentation parameters to help you estimate the future demand pattern of your new route, based on route benchmarking. Because leisure and business routes are different!


Our Fair Market Share estimate includes not only a Quality of Service Index model but also the historical market share achieved by your airlines or airlines having the same business model of yours!


Untapped market opportunities are high potential markets where your airline can dramatically stimulate the demand! Enjoy our stimulation model, tested, approved, and verified daily by worldwide LCCs!


From full joint venture to passenger self-connecting, our advanced connection builder will help you to finely estimate the potential of behind and beyond passenger traffic and revenues!


Our cost module is detailed and customizable per airport and aircraft type, and will allow you to balance the passenger, cargo and ancillary revenues with the fixed, variable, and overhead costs of your new route!

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