Win more passengers

Travelers will take the route of least resistance. Offer them convenient, end-to-end multimodal solutions to win more business. This is especially true for the app-centric traveler.

Optimize timetables

Our PlanetOptim.future software has been designed to analyze your timetables, plus competitors and potential multimodal partners, to give new insights. Increase traffic via use of location based data.

The first big hurdle for multimodal initiatives is persuading all participating transport operators to share data with competitors. PlanetOptim.future enables collaboration.

Co-operate with competitors


World-wide web

The PlanetOptim.future software from Milanamos provides the big data analytics all travel Operators need to forecast current market trends and identify potential new routes and new business partnerships.

To date, Milanamos is serving the needs of airlines, airports, and marquee consulting firms. However, the benefits of our tools are also largely applicable for other travel operators.

And that an integration of all modes of transport operators could benefit the ecosystem globally.

Train companies

Train companies can develop multimodal partnerships

Our multi-modal solution gives train operators the opportunity to develop multimodal partnerships with airlines as a way to increase revenue. It provides a framework that unlocks strategic partnerships, and even enables competing operators to collaborate on key initiatives. Milanamos also addresses revenue sharing algorithms to ensure optimal revenue split between operators.

Bus/coach companies

Bus/coach companies can develop intermodal partnerships

Local and long-distance bus companies can participate in strategic partnerships and predictive travel modeling. Bus operators can provide the ‘first/final kilometer’ solution to multimodal partnerships, and use Milanamos technology to manage their revenue share.

Mobility providers

Mobility providers can be part of the game.

Car sharing, taxi and local mobility providers can be part of the game and identify partnerships with other travel operators, using Milanamos technology to increase their revenue.

Shared APIs

Shared APIs benefit all strategic partners

Milanamos is working towards enabling strategic partners in multimodal ventures to securely share data, share revenue and develop shared apps. For example, an airport or smart city could develop an app which showed local intermodal train/bus connections, and onward multimodal plane/train/coach connections. Milanamos could be the enabler for this kind of application to ensure that the transport options offered deliver the best value to the consumer.



Milanamos can help any transport operators to optimize their revenue. Now you can turn industries that you previously considered competitors into revenue generating allies. Contact us to find out how.

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