According to research by SITA, 83% of airline passengers carry a smartphone, and 94% of those travellers who used an app were happy with the experience. Industry experts agree that consumer apps are central to the travel market.

Of course there will be many different apps, with different user interfaces and monetization models. But the consistent aspect of these apps is that they will rely on travel data from multiple sources.

And Milanamos is writing the code that will enable that travel data to be generated, shared, analysed and monetized.


Demand for multimodal and intermodal travel solutions is being driven from every quarter:

Consumers want the convenience of managing their whole door-to-door journey from a single app.

Travel operators want to amplify their offer, and gain extra revenue from marketing partner products and services.

Governments and smart cities want to promote public transport and reduce their carbon footprint.

App developers can see huge potential in creating a seamless user experience … providing they have the right data feeds.

Milanamos is at the center of that revolution. Our skills in big data, predictive modeling and APIs for the travel industry make us a perfect fit for enabling the data stream.

Milanamos has the credentials to enable tomorrow’s travel solutions

Milanamos was voted to join the world’s 110 most innovative companies when it received the prestigious ‘2030 Innovation Award for Big Data and Multimodal Transport’.

As a business entity, Milanamos was formally launched in January of 2014, although the founders had been planning their offer and vision for over a year before that date.

Just three months later, the Milanamos big data toolkit – branded PlanetOptim.future – was selected by Price Waterhouse & Coopers (PwC), and also by specialist transportation infrastructure consultancy LeighFisher, as a platform for their analytical offers to airports, transport operators and government bodies.

In the same month, March 2014, Milanamos was also announced as one of the winners in the 2030 World Innovation Awards for their expertise in Big Data. So in just three months the company went from launch to global recognition.

Since that auspicious start, Milanamos has maintained its momentum by working with leading travel operators, associations and infrastructure owners to implement the PlanetOptim.future suite of travel data programs.

The company continues to invest in developing and supporting PlanetOptim.future, and at the same time is refining the algorithms for managing tomorrow’s innovative multimodal travel apps, partnerships and networks.



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