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Milanamos is a world leader in mining big data.

Our PlanetOptim toolkit gives travel industry stakeholders powerful business insights.

Get access to predictive data science with PlanetOptim dashboard.

Optimise your network the simple way ... anytime, anywhere.

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A big data solution delivering instant analysis and forecasting for markets and routes. PO.Future monitors competition and predicts future traffic and revenue, even on routes with no historical data.



Our collaborative network planning and scheduling solution. PO.Network is a disruptive solution that expands network opportunities to develop multimodal hubs. Collaborate with competitors intelligently to expand your network and grow your revenue.



The easier way to build competitive multimodal pricing packages. PO.Pricing lets collaborators work together to increase income and streamline costs. Make multimodal trips sustainable and profitable.

Be part of the multimodal revolution!


Critical Issues Driving Transportation Risk

How are you going to manage new economies, survive disruptive technologies and constantly add value? Our thought provoking page delivers quick ideas.

We think that big data, multimodal networks and collaborative marketing are the optimal solution for all players in transport networks. Airlines, train and bus operators, regional airports, local government, consulting companies ... read on ...

Travel 2030

White Paper. Implementing A Multimodal Vision.

Want to dive deep into the topics of big data, multimodal transport and collaborative marketing? Our white paper is the definitive guide.

We’ve been judged a category winner in the World Innovation Awards for our work on big data and the transport industry. Now we’ve distilled our experience of multimodal projects into a comprehensive guide for directors, marketers and data specialists.

Download the white paper

white paper



The new paradigm of the transportation industry

Milanamos is a key player in network planning disruptive solutions. Milanamos is leading research on the new paradigm sustainability and profitability of the transportation industry.

Whether you are transportation’s actor, a public actor, a journalist or a researcher, this document is designed for you.

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